Racketeering is a criminal activity in which a person or organisation creates a problem for the purpose of solving that problem through extortion.

The organisations responsible for 'covid' policies appear to maintain relationships with investors who are profiting from those policies.


There is no shortage of videos, articles and comments describing the problem. Petitions have failed. Protests have failed. Reasoning has failed. All books, documentaries, videos, blogs, tweets, FB groups, memes and flyers have so far failed to bring about any satisfactory restraint to the covid juggernaut. This won’t end because we figured it out.

Until the suspicion of racketeering is addressed; all government, courts, police and media may be assumed collaborators in organised crime.

In the absence of legitimate authority we assert our entitlement to work, travel, congregate and provide food and shelter, protected by a new judiciary founded on the Moral Authority of the Public, not the current system under which this Human Rights Crisis persists.

We don't have to agree with each other.

We don't need to like each other.

Just uphold what you already know: Cause No Harm.

This is not a petition, protest or demand.

It is a clear demonstration that WE ARE THE AUTHORITY.

You may feel overwhelmed or outnumbered, but look what happens when you stand tall :


count updates every Friday

We intend to return to a satisfactory way of life in a clear, calm manner which guarantees transparency and accountability.

I do not maintain any social media accounts.


The only way to stay updated is to participate.