You may accept 'sustainability' and 'inclusivity' as well meaning offers to improve our lives, protecting vulnerable people and places. Your trust in experts might be inspired by a public health threat, which produced an awe-inspiring display of human cooperation; leading to a miracle of modern science: safe and effective vaccines 'rolled out' in record time.

Or you may recognise pandemics, illegal wars and the climate emergency as lethal frauds based on irrational claims that remain unproven: paving the way for a totalitarian revolution marketed as the 'New Normal' by a syndicate of unelected, super-rich fanatics.

Whatever your perspective, we cannot discuss our reasonable concerns without alienating each other. Close families and lifelong friendships are torn apart in our hyper-polarised now. We can all laugh; joking about lying politicians who never give a straight answer, but anything more edgy is delegitimised by glib insults: nut-job conspiracy theory, left-wing/right-wing extremism. As we argue with loved ones, we tempt the conceivable fate of losing everything.

When you have had your fill of the dangerous absurdity on offer, I promise to vanquish your anxiety in 20 minutes or less. I am not selling utopia, convincing you to buy into the revolution or converting you to an ism. I present a coherent and amiable philosophy to guarantee the life you want, made clear in 60 pages of readable, well typeset prose.

It will not be available as an eBook.
It will not be available on Amazon.

You can only get it from me.

Pre-order will be open for 3 weeks. It will close on August 21st. Printing will take place in the following 2 weeks, and depending on where in the world you live, you will receive your copy sometime in September.