WE CAN LIVE BETTER is a short book which explainsin simple detailhow to safely refuse the dangerous agendas of criminal institutions, and bring to account anyone attempting to interfere with your free choice

It takes only one person to secure your freedom. And it takes very few people to discipline an established regime—but only if we are honest.

Tomorrow's world is barely recognisable, let alone comprehensible to most of us. But we cannot discuss our concerns without alienating ourselves.


We are conditioned to police each other with mockery and shame when we disagree. Close families and lifelong friendships are torn apart in our hyper-polarised now. As we laugh; joking about lying politicians who never give a straight answer—anything more edgy is delegitimised by glib insults: nut-job conspiracy theory, left-wing/right-wing extremism. As we argue with loved ones, we tempt the conceivable fate of losing everything.


Whether our circumstances are engineered by a syndicate of unelected, super-rich fanatics with deliberate, malicious intent. Or the result of careless negligence by public servants, unfit for office, is debatable—but the observable results remain: 


So called 'authorities' persist in acting way beyond our requirements with stunning arrogance, inventing imaginary powers for themselves.


Excessive interference in private life is facilitated by our confusion with modern governance, overbearing agri/pharma/tech monopolies, a lack of trust in corporate media and a central banking system which defies all logic.

When human nature becomes increasingly prohibited, to mitigate ever-more traumatising claims (my suspected carbon footprint, my private vaccination status, my imagined hatred fuelled by assumed privilege) we swap free choice for revocable license, inviting totalitarian regulation.


As life grows more intolerable, I see no sense in battling every expression of authoritarianism. Instead, I reject illegitimate authority (all-inclusive and without discrimination) in favour of living how I choose. 

I have distilled my thoughts about power and authority into a short book which explains why tyranny is possible; how to dismantle it, or prevent it rising.

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