Ignorance and rumour, bias and self interest permeate all sources of information—from television news to social media. Prejudice and emotion, group expectation and our primal need for acceptance colour our reception of all this information. Discerning misinformation from disinformation is ambitious. And differentiating either from objective truth requires great effort. If you think you know what's happening... you probably don't. This post-truth culture breeds anxiety and suspicion. Trust in politicians, media and big business is at an all time low:

You may accept 'Build Back Better' as a well meaning offer to improve our lives, inspired by a public health threat which produced an awe-inspiring display of human cooperation; leading to a miracle of modern science: Safe and effective vaccines 'rolled out' in record time.

Or you may recognise the 'Covid Pandemic' as a lethal fraud based on irrational claims that remain unproven. A prelude to 'The Great Reset'; a totalitarian revolution marketed as the 'New Normal' by a syndicate of unelected, super-rich fanatics.

Whatever your own experience, we can't discuss our conclusions without alienating ourselves, or others. Even close families can be torn apart in the hyperpolarised now. While everyone jokes about lying politicians, anything more edgy is delegitimised by glib insults: nut-job conspiracy theory, left-wing/right-wing extremism.

Governments, the judiciary, banks, media and corporations are all capable of favouritism, insider trading, corruption, fraud and abuse. War crimes and atrocities regularly go unpunished because plausible deniability is built in to the State complex. Everything from crimes against humanity down to your individual dissatisfaction with local petty bureaucrats is enabled by the one thing we have total control over:

Our deep misunderstanding of POWER and AUTHORITY.

But in every crisis there is opportunity. This is an invitation to consider the circumstances which guarantees you can live how you choose without interference. And vague, overwhelming claims that effect entire societies become thoroughly transparent. And State crimes are met with swift justice.

We can improve it all without the senseless division.


There is nothing to argue about.


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