I do not recognise the authority of the State. I use the term 'government' as a collective noun for a gang of politicians. A politician is just a stranger who has made a career choice. I have no reason to believe a politician can serve our interests above their own. I have not voted for 20 years because I cannot—in good conscience—put my name to the actions of the State.

I feel no need to keep up with technology, news, fashion or art. I do not care about my reputation, particularly when judged by standards beneath me: Aesthetics or taste. Left/right political division. Race, sex or preference. Boomer, doomer meme slang. Shame or humiliation wrought by so-called cancel culture.

I am not a doctor, professor or philosopher. I am no academic, politician nor economist. I have never had a spiritual revelation which was not tied to either psychoactive provocation, or my short sighted, desperate search for meaning. I cannot say if the devil is real or not.

I cannot perceive the sky is falling any more than I can prove it is stable. I cannot characterise the pathology of a viral disease any more than I can measure the CO2 in the heavens and determine its cause and effect. I listen to better qualified people to inform my decisions.

When I consider the inadequacy of the 9/11 story, illegal wars rationalised by lies about 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' and the lethal fraud of 'Covid-19'; it is questionable who the better qualified are.


I have no choice but to take responsibility for myself: I do not obligate any other with meeting my needs. I may choose to ask for help, but I cannot be forced to depend on any institution for anything. Nor should I feel burdened with the health, security or felicity of an entire society. Managing one’s own mind and body is plenty for one man.

My name is Stuart Farr, but my cat says Meow when she wants me. You could make whatever sound you like if you speak of me—it is non of my business.