"If everyone would watch this one youtube video it'll end tomorrow."

No, it won't.
Why? Because of public support.

There is no shortage of videos, articles and comments describing the problem. Petitions have failed. Protests have failed. Reasoning has failed. All books, documentaries, videos, blogs, tweets, FB groups, memes and flyers have so far failed to bring about any satisfactory restraint to the covid juggernaut. This won’t end because we figured it out.

We have seen first hand that common sense is not enough. The mind of the crowd is entirely different from the mind of the individual: A crowd cannot process reason. Facts will never dull the passion of a mob; and the mob have been inflamed. They have not been persuaded by anything, they have had their instinct provoked. No amount of explanation will override primal instinct. Emotionally potent oversimplification (to borrow a phrase from legendary propaganda specialist Noam Chomsky) is used to devastating effect by a determined and resourceful regime to manufacture consent.

Don't waste time hoping that logic will persuade people that something sinister is unfolding. Concentrate your efforts on affecting the masses with broad, ambiguous statements. Bold declarations that undermine the prestige of government, the reputation of corporate drug manufacturers, confidence in weird people who work as politicians, the wisdom of billionaires who take it upon themselves to interfere in deeply private affairs.

With this in mind, I have made some simple videos and memes. Please download these MP4s and JPGs and spread them far and wide.

All facts, logic and evidence will achieve their full potency in a tribunal.

We intend to return to a satisfactory way of life in a clear, calm manner which guarantees transparency and accountability.

I do not maintain any social media accounts... Therefore it is slower to grow our numbers.


The only way to stay updated is to participate.