The correct response to a pandemic is to make available impartial, accurate information, encourage open debate and allow people to act on their own judgement.


The covid  health policies have caused discernible harm. The presence of a virus does not - can not - make it legal to cause harm and those responsible will be brought to trial.

Through influence on government guidelines, mandates and legislation the World Health Organisation have instigated intolerable interference in the affairs of private life and free business.

From the threat of revoked licenses for noncompliance to offers of funding and bailouts for collaborating. Incessant flattery of healthcare workers. The overbearance of police in non-criminal matters. Restricted movement, reduced ability to provide for oneself, unfathomable rules with direct impact on health, finance and relationships. Forced closure of business. The loss of jobs, homes and LIFE. We are told the only way to end the interference is to consume a rushed-to-market industrial chemical gene modification of which governments have granted 'vaccine liability indemnity' to the manufacturers.

Globally, the same governments have pledged billions of taxpayer dollars to fund a 'vaccine rollout' creating vast profits for manufacturers and pharmaceutical investors. It would be irresponsible not to consider the probability of conflict of interest, corruption and FRAUD. Given the apparent absence of journalistic integrity; from disproportionate coverage to outright censorship, the plausibility of media COLLUSION is not unreasonable to an intelligent and inquiring observer.

I hereby make a declaration of reasonable suspicion that government, local authorities, emergency services, health care professionals and corporate media are under the influence of unlawful private interests and should, henceforth, be regarded in the Judiciary, Academia and Free Press with legitimate suspicion.