"If everyone would watch this one youtube video it'll end tomorrow."

No, it won't.
Why? Because of public support.

We have seen first hand that common sense is not enough. The mind of the crowd is entirely different from the mind of the individual: A crowd cannot process reason. Facts will never dull the passion of a mob; and the mob have been inflamed. They have not been persuaded by anything, they have had their instinct provoked. No amount of explanation will override primal instinct. Emotionally potent oversimplification (to borrow a phrase from legendary propaganda specialist Noam Chomsky) is used to devastating effect by a determined and resourceful regime to manufacture consent.

The ‘elite’ call them useless eaters, on-line they’re 
called sheeple. I call them people. Brothers and sisters. They are easily led, but that’s not a fault: it’s their nature. Be responsible, not rude. The people accepting 'the new normal’ without question are the same people who will accept their freedom back when offered. If you can't respect them, tolerate them.​ They are the body of this phenomenon we call Humanity. Without them you would not be here. You need them. And right now they really need you. Give the easily led a better example to follow. Start a dialogue, but walk away if they will not listen. Don’t waste energy fighting group expectation galvanised by culture. Create an environment where people can confront their inconsistencies in private: DO NOT CHALLENGE GOOD FOLK. You’ll only create conflict. You’ll lose friends and family over an argument you 
can’t win. Some people will never doubt the television. We can't wait for them, waisting time and energy trying to get them to think thoughts they can't understand. Just build the life we chose and welcome them back when we win.