To Whom it May Concern

As ‘government’ the world over grant themselves imaginary powers in response to a natural phenomenon...  The prospect of a planet-wide ‘open prison’ governed by corporations is a legitimate concern.
In return, I politely assert myself:

I will not take medical procedures before giving my explicit consent.
I will not suffer loss of privacy through intrusive surveillance.
I will not identify myself through facial recognition tech or a digital I.D.

I will not be treated as a convict for declining these offers.

Forcible administration of any product is totalitarian. We are flogging our supreme autonomy in the hope these impositions will keep us safe. Sickness and crime have been around forever, and will continue to be.
I accept that being alive comes with risks.
I reject a life dictated by business and take full responsibility for myself.

We intend to return to a satisfactory way of life in a clear, calm manner which guarantees transparency and accountability.

I do not maintain any social media accounts... Therefore it is slower to grow our numbers.


The only way to stay updated is to participate.