Here is a detailed description of the best defense against the technocratic dictatorship bearing down on us. It is the reason this project exists, its intended goal and ideal outcome.


Group A recognise The Great Reset as a thinly veiled attempt to revolutionise global culture into a system of technocratic totalitarianism. Group B accept the alleged pandemic at face value. They see a threat to life and every removal of freedom is a temporary inconvenience advised by sincere and benevolent experts. When you speak of totalitarianism to Group B, it sounds kooky:

The alleged pandemic is alive in their minds, they see it every day. Total state control exists in the imagination. It is yet to reach full throttle. The incremental steps towards a despotic future have been sold to us as voluntary guidelines.

Group B care about themselves and each other and you and me. An overzealous police service enforcing rules with violence and extortion is justifiable when you believe that breaking rules places the public in danger. A Medical Apartheid keeping dangerous people away from the public appears somewhat preferable; freedom passports, unhealthy masks and humiliating rituals imposed by shops and services are mere precautions, not insidious techniques of social engineering.

Rather than battle each and every expression of fascism, it would be more effective to stop this at the source.

We are being coerced by an intricate racketeering scam. It is easily evidenced without speculative talk of totalitarianism and it doesn't require science:

Racketeering is a criminal activity in which a person or organisation creates a problem for the purpose of solving that problem through extortion.

Organisations responsible for 'covid' policies have created a situation in which vast profits can be made for investors.

This is the first domino. Properly addressed, it will bring an immediate end to all 'coronavirus legislation' and the subsequent chain reaction will bring The Great Reset to a humiliating conclusion. Until then; all government, courts, police and media may be assumed collaborators in organised crime. They will not arrest themselves, so we must hold them accountable. The authority to act is already ours, but we lack clout. Without the power to arrest, nothing will change. This capability only comes with a perceived majority. Read about the numbers here.

Our goal is to find ONE THIRD of the population with the courage and morality to BECOME THE AUTHORITY. When we have a visible, cohesive assembly, Group B will recognise the Legitimate Authority of the Public and together we guarantee the accused a non-violent arrest and a fair trial.

This project is concerned with the nature of authority. Everything is founded on one simple truth. To stop tyranny you should fully understand THE PRINCIPLE.