Dutch Starling Murmuration filmed by Roald van Stijn http://www.utrechtvideo.nl

A murmuration of starlings is a wonder of nature, managed beyond the comprehension of human organisation. We may understand the many varied micro-adjustments taking place and how they are transmitted throughout the flock, but it cannot be choreographed by a board of directors.

Top down organisation weakens the initiative of the individual and creates dependency. A dependent population is at the whim of the organiser and devoid of instinctive life.

Progress is the result of natural processes. It occurs as a result of human requirements; it grows from need. It is informed by the necessity of our circumstances. What is not required fails. What arrives too early is cautiously tested. What comes too late is useless. What occurs naturally cannot be controlled without compromise elsewhere: Things will exist without need, forcing a natural population to adapt to the want of progress. The human now secondary to product and commerce.

Klaus Schwab is a man with in an obsessive compulsion for measuring, polling, graphing, prediction and preemption. A devotee of corporatism, his boardroom speak betrays a desperate need to steer the world rather than let it unfold. It is madness to assume that any committee can administrate all of humanities needs, interactions and monitor and judge its growth like a business plan. He presents the 4th Industrial Revolution as if it is inevitable. That we must change ourselves to make way for it. But how can we trust his direction is not self serving? How can we be sure he is not a sociopath who wants the bend the world to his desire?

It hardly matters.

The human mind cannot organise something so nuanced and complex as progress. No amount of paperwork, planning or statistics can reproduce the effortless grace of natural order. People cannot be streamlined to fit a mathematical description of success. Any group attempting to commandeer the natural order of planetary life will fail.

Klaus, so out of touch with the warmth of human cooperation that his open commitment to commandeer the 21st century displays nothing short of contempt for the people he shares a planet with. But corruption destroys from within.

Not only joined in battle with the splendour of the universe, but forced to partner with a similar class of predatory human; each one bent on serving themselves above each other.

From such disadvantage, how can they suppress a majority who posses morality and rectitude? With an instinct for survival and resourcefulness and comradery and hope...

Is it not we who are the elite?

What is at stake is the unfathomable brilliance of our achievements being lost to a small gang of miscreants with a profoundly impaired perception. Defeat is rarely due to external forces over which we have no control, but to our own selfishness and ignorance and a lack of courage. These are failings that each one of us can rectify.

It is not your responsibility to prove Klaus a Moral Imbecile. Live how you choose and together we can make certain that any interloper is guaranteed a nonviolent arrest and fair trial.