In his book "The Fate of Empires", John Glubb described the common periods that all empires go through: From 'The Age of Pioneers' through 'The Age of Commerce' to 'Affluence'. Ending with 'Invasion', 'Conquest' and our inevitable 'Fall'.


We can observe the decline of all civilization begins after 'The Age of Affluence' with 'The Age of Intellectualism'. Defined by self importance and endless discussion. Debates, where committees of 'experts' argue bottomless issues—rarely leading to agreement. Constant, undulating analysis. The pontificating of the intellectually vulnerable (educated and compassionate people, yet unable to see propaganda they agree with, or what wisdom may lie beyond their own field of expertise). Possessed of a self belief that years of dedication ought to make them authority, yet they study in the universities built by other (corruptible) men. The arrogance of the problem solvers, do-gooders with their ignorant insistence that a human mind can conceive of the whole world, and solve its inefficiencies.


With endless and incessant chatter, public affairs drift from bad to worse. A constant dedication to discussion seems to destroy the power of action. A pessimism seeps throughout the whole public conscience, and with pessimism comes frivolity. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.


And so, 'The Age of Decadence' bares its arse. Characterised by the apotheosis of the trivial: Over attachment to sport results. Obsessive interest in the private lives of entertainers. Adult preoccupation with toys and games and irrelevant competitions of sex and cakes.

We are all distracted by culture. Music, movies, sports, leisure and other pleasurable distractions from a painful or mediocre life are all valid components of the human experience. A chance to escape and recharge. Fun and games are important—but they exist in balance with the essentials of life. When they are out of balance, we suffer.


Is it sensible to devote our free time, even throw hard earned money at millionaires who sing and play ball games for us? Are we that privileged? Or are we primed for conquest?


We are encouraged to squabble. Hating each other for every minor difference. Bickering over petty 'micro-aggressions'. The excessive polarisation of politics. Are we being steered into oblivion whilst we scream "libtard cuck" and "alt-right troll" at each other? Hating our neighbours for voting differently to ourselves, while our very property, liberty and freedom is being absorbed by the new kings: oddball globalists and their big tech feudalism.


Our conquerors are not barbarian hordes with terrifying weapons. They are cold intellectuals with billion dollar corporations and a sophisticated understanding of behaviourism. They use psychological marketing to manufacture acquiescence. We are surrendering piecemeal to the new servitude. The currency is data and you are the product. They own everything, but you may borrow it—if you behave yourself.


The next time you are consuming an empty performance through the telescreen, listen to your conscience. Have you done enough? Is your goal pleasure and paper tokens, or the security of your own life and your children's future?


Be honest.