We spend an extraordinary amount of time devoted to the actions and opinions of others. The 'news'. The 'government'. Billionaires. Our neighbours. Encouraged to interfere in each other's business.

And as we bicker the juggernaut chugs along indifferent.

Someone is choosing our battles for us. They elect the battle field, and we walk right onto it. An ancient military tactic to confound and exhaust a persistent rebellion by feeding it endless tribulations. Every twist and turn, every new confusion is pulling you into their territory. Obsessing over 'news' like a cat entranced with a laser pen. Played. Gamed. Controlled.

There exists a fine line between thorough research and crippling analysis. There is no discovery you can make which usurps THE PRINCIPLE. Trying to prove something you know little about serves to drag you into the information war. Anything that doesn't proliferate your power to defend against criminal organisations should be engaged with vigilance and discernment. Anyone declaring to save you hinders you saving yourself. Just as every minute debating 'the science' is a minute avoiding your own authority to say MY LIFE MATTERS REGARDLESS!

We are all disoriented. The antidote to confusion is simplicity. Maybe we should stop letting others dictate our battles or promise to save us. Maybe we ought not let others decide where our attention goes or our energy spent. Maybe we ought not put so much importance on the decisions of others and be the best people we can be.

The only defense against subterfuge is determined self reliance.