These PDFs are reasoned responses to the Covid impositions. They are intended to help communicate with the herd without confrontation.

Download PDFs to print at home or in bulk from a local printer.

Please hand them out in public, post to every house on your street, leave in pigeon holes at work, in the canteen. Pass them out on the bus, train or tram. Put them in envelopes and post them to doctors, nurses, dentists. Leave them with supermarket checkout staff. Display them in windows.


Just get them out and start now.



There is a glaring flaw in the argument for vaccine passports: They do not make any sense.

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Immunity Passport

The Freedom Pass, Immunity Passport or Vaccine I.D. is a gross infringement of the basic principle of liberty. It allows you to be discriminated against and coerced into consuming industrially produced medicine in order to live a reasonable standard of life.

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Groundhog Day

The science behind vaccination and a freedom pass is so dubious it amounts to a perpetual loop of unnecessary and unreliable rigmarole in order to run from an inescapable reality: The very nature of life.

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Herd Immunity

Herd immunity occurs when enough of the population develop resistance to an infection - causing it to die off naturally. Attempts to manufacture this phenomenon carry with it serious ethical implications. It can be used to argue for forced vaccination; tempting the fearful to sacrifice morality for bodged safety.

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When the term 'anti-vaxxer' is used in a professional capacity (media, politics, healthcare) all credibility is lost. It is divisive and unintellectual to generalise and ridicule. Such people are improper and amateurish at best, more accurately: Dangerous.

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Mass Testing/Vaccinaton

The military are already on the streets of the UK performing mass testing door to door. With the recent approval of the rushed vaccine and the mass vaccination schedule, it is likely you will have a knock on the door wherever you live on Earth. GET READY. This can be printed large and pinned to your door, or small and handed out to individual callers at your discretion.

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Social Distance

I was recently scolded for not thanking someone for keeping their distance from me. Being forced to be grateful for something I don't want is abhorrent. Carry these at all times and hand them to anyone giving you attitude about social distancing.

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We intend to return to a satisfactory way of life in a clear, calm manner which guarantees transparency and accountability.

I do not maintain any social media accounts... Therefore it is slower to grow our numbers.


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