HOME PRISON pt.3 of 3

Since the wholesale acceptance that basic socialising is a mental health hazard, the removal of all privacy for greater security, a voluntary home prison and new amputation laws; life inside has become a serene, analgesic stupor.

All food is organised for us by Bio-Synthetic Agriculture. We order online, in tune with Health Industry Requirements—measured in credit scores. We use digital currency to prevent miss–spending, tax evasion and free trade. But after all our effort, the climate still aches under the burden of the human cancer.

Why not take the next step and exist entirely online, become a cartoon character in Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse?

It costs valuable nutrition to sustain useless extremities like hands and feet. The new human surrenders all limbs for the protection of the environment and the safety of all people. The population of the matrix are suspended in aqueous cream to prevent cot–ridden torsos developing bed sores. There is no loss of incentive as all experience now takes place in virtual reality headsets. Once fully groomed, the goggles can be dispensed with and all senses stimulated by Elon Musk's Neurolink: A streamlined, eco–friendly delivery system providing visual and aural hallucinations, indistinguishable from reality television. Older members of the New Normal remember waking life, but accept this digital fugazi as far preferable to the dangerous outdoors. Dopamine triggers dull the passions of potential rebels. Nursed on formula introduced directly to the gut, while excretions are syphoned off through the anal cannula and used to create fertiliser for the next crop of GMO lab grown meat.

The children of cowards: Neutered androgynes, desire–less with instinct suppressants. Nodes on the production line, completing literally mindless tasks—dreamt up by computers—in exchange for digital coins (nothing) to spend on virtual goods (nothing). A wasted life in Godless hell.