It is the yell of the uninclined. A spell cast to end conversation. When you lack the integrity to rationalise your behaviour—your choices, opinions or actions—you declare:


A purpose-built catchphrase designed to suggest that science is some how 'settled'. Finished. Absolute! Pop culture operates on slogans—science has no need for them.

'Trust' is the confidence we have in something, its reliability. 'Science' is unbiased observation and systematic experimentation in order to test a hypothesis. It is a process, not a conclusion. Science does not demand our trust, done proper, science demands that conclusions are challenged.

Certain universal constants are agreed upon; gravity, the speed of light, electronic charge. We are encouraged to make our own experiments in order to prove these conclusions to ourselves. This is how science is taught. To discourage investigation is to deny the scientific process. Information does not fear investigation, or rely on mantras. Ideology, on the other hand, makes full use of censorship and shaming and implied expectation to suppress all challenges.

The pursuit of knowledge demands free inquiry. It is acceptable to laugh at the regurgitated slogans of Pop Culture.