Tyranny is centralised by nature and exists when Illegitimate Authority appears legitimate.

A decentralised resistance can undermine dependency on Illegitimate Authority; but a small, organised force can still dominate.


When we strengthen our own authority with the morality and courage to defend each others authority we can have our decentralised world incapable of suffering top down tyranny, and also the power of the majority to provide justice.


We don't have to agree with each other, we don't need to like each other. Just respect Legitimate Authority and reject all external, nonconsensual authority in as distinguishable, confident manner as possible until the world sees a tangible new majority of determined, good people. Until each and every one of us understands our own freedom and commands our own authority with confidence whilst retaining every wild idiosyncratic characteristic we care to express.

We are Humanity and we are deserving and capable and we are devastating to wickedness when we recognise each other.

If you are ready, please ACT NOW.