Governments and corporations are quickly building a world we barely recognise, let alone understand. Excessive interference in private life is now commonplace. As Human nature becomes prohibited; free choice is being replaced by revokable privilege. We’re conditioned to police each other with mockery and shame if we disapprove.

This project is a response to the staggering confusion of modern governance, a lack of trust in corporate media and runaway tech monopolies.
You may have developed suspicions that these organisations are vulnerable to Human flaws: Greed, corruption, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, betrayal… Whether a result of deliberate, malicious intent or negligent error is debatable. The observable results remain:

So called ‘authorities’ persist in acting way beyond our requirements with stunning arrogance.

This project is not journalism. It doesn't investigate. It doesn't prove theories, debunk mysteries or conduct experiments. This is an attempt at describing a unifying principle. The foundation of human dignity. A bid to secure for ourselves a satisfactory future. It hopes to inspire an unshakeable confidence in your own authority. To secure your entitlement to be left alone to live how you choose without interference. 

Standing opposed to dangerous ideologies, extreme or violent behaviour, this project is defined by the elegance of concision -


the less noise, the swifter we overcome.