I don't want an internet fact hacker to dictate what's true or false. This is not a job for 'Snopes' or 'Wikipedia'. I want an independent court to investigate to a professional standard.

THE PUBLIC TRIBUNALS are for anyone possessed of reasonable doubt about the wisdom or honesty of so-called leaders. You who recognise sinister implications when politicians grant themselves power to fight biology, drugs, terrorism, even climate change. We live in times when pseudoscience and rumour dominate the news. We are cajoled and coerced into accepting radical impositions on the word of unqualified strangers (a politician I have never met absolutely lacks the insight and integrity to micromanage my daily life).

A public tribunal will bring an end to doubt, speculation and fear - and simultaneously restrain this enthusiasm for authoritarianism. Only a fair trial can adequately quash any 'rumour', 'conspiracy theory' or 'fake news'; removing all suspicion about the fanaticism of politicians, journalists and billionaires.

We don't seek help from those we implicate, instead we organise for ourselves an open, free and global inquiry. An independent public tribunal with the full cooperation of the World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, all government employees, corporate media and with the support of all police services.

Noncooperation will be regarded with appropriate mistrust.

THE PUBLIC TRIBUNALS will be administrated by qualified professionals in criminal investigation and criminal prosecution who can be demonstrated to hold no conflicts of interest. It will be funded by our money already collected from us in taxes. It will be held in our publicly owned courthouses. It will be broadcast live by the BBC World Service as a matter of public health, economic security and individual freedom.

Only a fair trial can determine guilt. If all parties are found to be innocent, we are at the very least in a strong position to ensure that our ability to act on our own judgement is never infringed upon again.