It is not at all necessary to read any of these titles. Understanding oneself is not dependent on finding any particular knowledge in books written by other people—including my own book! A genuine life of enquiry can teach you everything found in books. But reading can bring things closer, sooner. It can improve your understanding, but it can also obfuscate your enlightenment. 


the sociopath next door by martha stout.jpg

Martha Stout, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist. She helps you to appreciate the reality of psychopathy: 1 in 25 people have no conscience at all, which makes them capable of unimaginable atrocities with no trace of guilt.

After reading this book you will know how it is that the world is full of suffering, at the hands of seemingly trustworthy people in positions of great responsibility.


daniele ganser nato's secret armies.jpg

Swiss author Daniele Ganser tells how the CIA and MI6 are implicated in terrorism throughout Europe in the 20th century. Responsible—between 1969 and 1987—for 14,591 acts of violence leaving hundreds dead and crippled.

If you suspect that intelligence agencies could murder innocent people and blame their opposition to garner support for policy... You are correct.


joe plummer tragedy and hope 101.jpg

Tragedy and Hope is the 1300 page history of a political scheme designed to seize control of all habitable regions of the world. First published in 1966, the contents of this book have done little to halt the progress of this criminal plot by virtue of its sheer inaccessibility.

Joseph Plummer condenses the startling revelations of Carroll Quigley's epic tome into just 200 easily understood pages.


war is a racket smedley butler.jpg

WAR is a racketeering fraud perpetrated by big business and central banking cartels through the functions of the State. Decorated soldier Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler explains just how bad things are, from the perspective of experience.

If you are not anti-war, you will be after reading this. You will feel duped, manipulated and conned. We are all victims of this despicable, deadly fraud.


edwards bernays propaganda.jpg

Public relations legend Edward Bernays is jointly responsible for selling the War Racket, and other atrocities to the public on behalf of political, corporate and banking interests.

This book will open your eyes to the methods employed to manufacture your opinion and garner consent for that which would otherwise be antithetical to your principles.


walter lippmann public opinion.jpg

Journalist and social commenter Walter Lippmann determined that people form opinions remotely from facts, and view those facts through a bias that suits their environment.


Given that most of us are far removed from events on the world stage, it falls upon the journalist to shape the public opinion of how the world is.


gustave le bon the crowd.jpg

The definitive study on social psychology. Gustave Le Bon breaks down the components of the fascinating phenomenon of mass psychosis:


A group of people are not concerned with truth, preferring comforting platitudes. An individual may not hold a belief, but publicly they will promote that belief as their own.



This could be a modern classic.


Written by leading voluntaryist thinker Larken Rose, TMDS dismantles every aspect of the modern State and leaves you hard pressed to defend it.

If you have any lingering affection for government, this book may cure you.

the STATE is OUT of DATE

gregory sams the state is out of date.jpg

Gregory Sams puts forward a well reasoned argument for complex societies to manage themselves; achieving far more, and better than any bureaucratic, political organisation.

If you are suspicious of the State, this book will reassure you that you are not alone, and ideas of removing State control are not fantastic, they are inevitable.


economics in one lesson henry hazlitt.jpg

Not so much an explanation of the full nature of economics, but a great exposé of the economic fallacies that have come to dominate our lives.

Henry Hazlitt demonstrates how politicians, lobby groups and private interests can use the State to manufacture markets, suppress demand and ultimately control who gets to work and what the value of things are.


chin-ning chu thick face black heart.jpg

Thick Black Theory is a profound philosophy written in the early 20th century by Li Zongwu in an obscure, erratic style.


Thick Face Black Heart, by Chin-Ning Chu takes the wisdom of the theory and explains it in a modern, easy style which applies to everyday life. It inspires you with strength and courage.