It is accepted wisdom in military intelligence that any regime needs the support of a third of its population to hold on to its power. The other 2 thirds (66%) are split between ignorance, ambivalence and opposition.


The crisis persists because the organisers have a consolidated third of the population in support. The rest of us are flailing about in shock. But...

According to the Oxford Coronavirus Explanations, Attitudes, and Narratives Survey conducted by The University of Oxford between 4-11 May 2020, a full
60% of adults believe to some extent that the government is misleading the public.

This opposition is divided through numberless desires, opinions and preferred outcomes. As long as the remaining 40% are in direct support, an apparent majority is maintained:

become the authority diagram 1 mistrust the government

After a whole year of anguish and confusion I suggest that 60% mistrust in government is a conservative estimate. Support for the covid racket recedes with every imposition, every invasion of privacy, every abuse of trust, every act of police violence, the heavy handed censorship and silenced debate. All day, every day as long as they continue, they lose trust. Even those still trusting the government are sick of this misery.

When we forget our differences and find a solid third of the population to stand together on the simplest of principles: Cause No Harm. We have a clear, visible demonstration of POWER.


become the authority diagram 2 mistrust the government

We can only fail if we allow ourselves to. If you haven't already: Click here to BECOME THE AUTHORITY.