The aptitude for swift, decisive action is required in serious dilemmas. The wisdom to act definitely under pressure is only achieved over time and through experience. None of us have lived in these times before. Remain calm, foster confidence and stay the course. Don’t rush to counter your opponent, allow them every opportunity to fail and they will not disappoint.


I am not saying sit back and relax.

I am saying don't panic.


Alan Watts said something along the lines of: If the reason for listening to a song was to reach the end, we would just listen to the last note.

When we rush, we arrive at our destination with no idea of how we got there. Settle into the journey; it cannot be shortened. There are things we don't yet know about our situation. Trying too hard to control the world is how Klaus and his gang behave. Let it unfold but remain adamant that you are YOUR OWN MASTER.

What thing of quality was ever made in a rush, what plans were conceived in panic that resolved satisfactorily?

The need to ACT NOW before it's TOO LATE implies a deadline. What event do you imagine that could solicit your surrender? If you imagine giving up in the future, give up now.

You could have scant freedom tomorrow. Take it. It will last until sunset. Do you want more of the same; day after day, or do you want real change? Real freedom is costly. Our first payment is a change in attitude. Being honest with ourselves. Are you prepared to give what is required or do you want a quick fix? Pleasure or excellence? When you are trying to lose weight, you don't keep jogging until all the weight is gone. You run a few miles a week and stay on course and over time a persistent and patient effort yields proper results. Our battle could take 12 months, 5 years or 10. It may take the rest of your natural life. If the prize is the security of future generations: is the price worth paying?

When I’m pressured to stand up for myself amidst panic and speculation, I soon lose myself to delusion and fear: An Aimless Dervish. Dedicated and observant but unfocused and without counsel.


I remind myself of the ancient wisdom of Aesop:

The Hare and the Tortoise

version: Samuel Croxal

A Hare insulted a Tortoise upon account of his slowness, and vainly boasted of her own great speed in running. Let us make a match, replied the Tortoise, I’ll run with you five miles for five pounds, and the Fox yonder shall be the umpire of the race. The Hare agreed; and away they both started together. But the Hare, by reason of her exceeding swiftness, outran the Tortoise to such a degree, that she made a jest of the matter; and finding herself a little tired, squatted in a tuft of fern that grew by the way, and took a nap; thinking, that if the Tortoise went by, she could at any time fetch him up, with all the ease imaginable. In the mean while the Tortoise came jogging on, with a slow but continued motion; and the Hare, out of a too great security and confidence of victory, oversleeping herself, the Tortoise arrived at the end of the race first.

The Moral:

Hence it is, that the victory is not always to the strong, nor the race to the swift. By affecting to show the superiority of their genius, upon many occasions, they run into too great an extreme the other way; and the administration of their affairs is ruined through idleness and neglect. In short, your men of wit and fire, as they are called, are generally proud and conceited to the last degree; not the fittest persons for either conversation or business.


But the world will not be thus imposed upon the man who carries his point effectually, and finishes his course without swerving or loitering.